About Google AdWords Fundamentals Test

By | July 24, 2016

Google AdWords fundamental examination tests the exam takers about The basic and intermediate aspects of online advertising and AdWords, Benefits of online advertising, How to set up and manage an AdWords campaign and How to measure and optimize campaign’s performance. AdWords Fundamental Study Guide: Google AdWords fundamental study guide covers three modules and they are listed below. Module… Read More »

How to Remove Powered by Blogger – Attribution Widget?

By | July 17, 2016

In this article, I will be demonstrating how to remove or hide attribution widget ‘Powered by Blogger’ in footer of blogger blogspot blogs. Before going to the process, backup your blogger template, while editing html code if anything goes wrong or template modified design doesn’t work or looks good you can restore from backed up template. Here I have… Read More »

How to setup Custom Email Address for Domain using Mailgun for Free ?

By | April 16, 2016

Custom email address for domains are being offered by many mail services like Gmail, Outlook, etc. but they will charge amount for using their service. By using Mailgun there is a free way to create custom email address for your domain. Setup First, Sign Up with Mailgun using your email address. Once you have clicked the confirm link, log… Read More »

How to Turn-off or Change Sound Scheme in Windows Operating System

By | January 31, 2016

A sound theme is a set of sounds/notifications applied to events in Windows and programs. Sound theme was performed on programs events to notify when changes were made to them. To turn-off/on or change sound scheme, first you need to open up the sounds configuration panel in Windows Operating System (Windows vista/7/8), just type in ‘mmsys.cpl into the start menu… Read More »

Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook Page

By | December 19, 2015

Getting dofollow backlink from Facebook (Google Page Rank 9 website) increases your site reputation and shows your site pages in top position at search results. By knowing this simple trick you can get backlink from Facebook. To get backlink you need to add Static HTML: iframe tab app by Thunderpenny to your Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook page then… Read More »

How to Delete WordPress Multisite Blog Data ?

By | October 30, 2015

There are many articles on the internet about how to use WordPress Multisite and its benefits, user support, capabilities to power several blogs from one installation. But you can find only few articles how to delete WordPress Multisite. Deleting WordPress Multisite data was a new subject and many WordPress experts who have been using over years has no idea about this. I… Read More »

How to Submit Blogger’s Blog Sitemap to Google Webmasters Tools

By | September 25, 2015

Google Webmaster Tool allows website owners to control website from search engine perspective. Submitting Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools makes your website/blog posts to get discoverable on search engines.Procedure For Submitting Sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools: Step 1: Go to Google Webmasters and click on “Sign in to Search Console” Step 2: Click on ‘ADD A SITE’ if… Read More »

Optimizing AdSense Course Certificate of Vinodh Reddy Chennu

By | August 30, 2015

Google introduced this Optimising AdSense Course for AdSense publishers to earn more money from your own website by displaying ads on your webpages. To enroll into this course one need to submit name(to be written on certificate), AdSense publisher ID, website URL, choose reason for taking this course. After completing final Assessment in Optimizing AdSense course certificate will… Read More »

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals Course Certificate of Vinodh Reddy Chennu

By | July 29, 2015

I have successfully completed the Google Analytics Academy course Google Tag Manager Fundamentals in July 2015. This certificate has been offered by Google Analytics Academy who have taken the course between the dates June 23th to July 24th of 2015. At present may not be offered, but once again future they will offer this course and many other certified… Read More »

How to Backup / Restore Blogger Template Design ?

By | June 29, 2015

Are you planning to make changes to your blogger template design by adding some extra HTML, CSS or JavaScript code? You should do because adding more functions and changing site layout appearance catches your site readers eyes. Procedure for Back up Blogger Template Design Log on to www.blogger.com. Click the name of the blog you want to backup the template.… Read More »