Learn Startup India Learning Program on Enterpreuneurship for Free and become certified

I have come across the course ‘Startup India Learning Program‘, is a free online Entrepreneurship course by Startup India. The course is developed by Invest India in collaboration with UpGrad.

This course gives us the knowledge of the necessary fundamentals of starting a business that will help us in starting and running a successful business. This course will be helpful for those who are sitting on the fence deciding to be an entrepreneur or somebody who has been in entrepreneurship for few years.

I like this course, many CEO and founders have shared their startup experiences and what problems they faced during the journey of startup. Learned many new things and terminologies such as financing, fundraising, valuation, the business planning which I wasn’t  much aware of it.

The course was designed to complete in 4 weeks of the span, Around 60 hours of time would be needed to complete the course. After completing this course will get an e-certificate from Invest India with your name on it.

startup India learning program

Modules that are covered in the course are mentioned below

Introduction to Entrepreneurship & Program

Module 1 Idea Identification and Assessment
Session 1 Identifying and Assessing the Idea
Session 2 Identifying Target Segment and Market Sizing
Session 3 Analysing Environment and Competitive Advantage

Module 2 Building a Legal Foundation
Session 1 Choosing the Right Legal Structure
Session 2 Permits, Registrations & Compliances
Session 3 Intellectual Property Right
Session 4 Contracts

Module 3 Understanding Financial Basics
Session 1 Financial Statements, MIS and Financial KPIs
Session 2 Working Capital Management
Session 3 Financial Management and Long-Term Investments
Session 4 Capital Structure and Taxation
Session 5 Break-Even Analysis

Module 4 Introduction to Business Planning
Session 1 Components of Business Plan
Session 2 Creating an Effective B-Plan: Part 1
Session 3 Creating an Effective B-Plan: Part 2
Session 4 Creating an Effective B-Plan: Part 3

Module 5 Fund Raising and Valuation
Session 1 Funding Overview
Session 2 Valuation

Module 6 Pitching & Termsheet

Session 1 Investor Pitch
Session 2 Components of a Pitch
Session 3 Term Sheet & Post-Term Sheet
Session 4 Program Completion

I am sure you will like also the Startup India Learning program experience too, build entrepreneurship skills and get the maximum benefit from it in your career.

Check out the program link: https://startupindia.upgrad.com

You need to register with email id to access the course modules.

Know more details about the course here https://www.startupindiahub.org.in/content/sih/en/learning-and-development_v2.html

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