How to Host Files on Github

It is easy to turn your Github into a file repository. You can upload files from the browser and you can add collaborators so they can also upload files to a common repository. The files are public so anyone can download them with a direct URL.

Step 1: Go to github.com and sign-up for a free account, if you don’t have one. Choose the free plan as that’s all we need for hosting our files.

Step 2: Click the “New Repository” button, or go to github.com/new, to create a new repository for hosting your files. You can think of a repository as a folder on your computer

host files

Step 3: Give your Github repository a name and a description and click the Create button. It helps to have a description as it will help others discover your files on the web.

Step 4: Your repository will initially be empty. click the upload button on the next screen to initialize the repository.

github files upload

Step 5: .Add files to the repository and click on commit changes.

upload files to github repository

To add more files click on upload the files and click on commit changes.

For example, this is the repository >> https://github.com/vrc-vinodh/HostedMyFiles we have created.

examples of hosted files:


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