How to Edit the Text on PDF Document in the Browser (Word App Online)

To make changes in a PDF file, you need to have the original document that is used to create the PDF, make the edits in the source document and export it as a PDF (Portable Document Format) again. This is the best option since the document’s layout and formatting will be preserved in the new PDF file and you don’t even need an external application PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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If you do not have access to the original Word document, you can still edit your PDF files in the browser using the free Word app. It may not be able to handle PDF files with complex layouts, or PDFs that are mostly comprised of charts and images but for text-based PDF, MS Word web app is probably a better option for fixing typos or manipulating text and images in PDFs.


Edit PDF Files with Word Online

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can edit the content of PDF files inside the Word web app or Word Desktop application.

  1. Go to onedrive.com and sign-in with your Microsoft account. After you are logged in, drag a PDF file from the desktop onto the OneDrive website to upload it.
  2. After uploading PDF file to OneDrive; double-click to open the PDF file in the Word online app.
  3. Click the Edit in Word button to open the PDF file for editing. Say yes when OneDrive asks for your permissions by pop-up says to convert the PDF into Word format (it makes a copy, so your original PDF is unaltered).
  4. Once the file is converted from PDF to word, click the Edit Document button to open the converted document in the Word app for editing either in the browser or desktop app of the word web app online.

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