How to Become Google AdWords Search Certified Professional ?

To become Google AdWords Display Certified Professional one need pass two exams conducted by Google on AdWords Fundamentals exam and Search Advertising exam.

Below image is my certificate, certified by Google after passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam and AdWords search exam; I got this certificate in the June month of 2016.

become AdWords search certified professional

Screenshot source: Google Partners profile page

About Google AdWords Search Advertising Exam:

AdWords search advertising exam guide covers basic and advanced AdWords concepts, including best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing AdWords search ad campaigns across the search network.

It is good to study these modules before taking the search advertising exam.

Module 1: Search advertising overview

  • Consumer behavior and the impact of life
  • Search advertising trends and opportunities
  • How search advertising trends and opportunities

Module 2: Set up your Search Network campaign

  • About AdWords campaign types
  • About shopping campaigns and shopping ads
  • Add phone numbers to your ads
  • About Dynamic Search ads
  • About your account organization Choose an ad format
  • About text ads
  • About mobile ads
  • Enhance your ad with extensions
  • Customize ads with real-time updates
  • What makes up a Shopping ad
  • Write successful text ads
  • About keyword insertion
  • Understanding landing page experience

Module 2.1: Showing your ads

  • About keyword matching options
  • Add negative words to your campaign
  • How similar keywords match the search term
  • Basic tips for building a keyword list
  • How language targeting works
  • Target ads to geographic locations
  • Understanding advanced location options

Module 2.2: Determine your bid and budget

  • Determine a bid strategy based on your goals
  • About Manual CPC bidding
  • About enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)
  • About bid adjustments
  • About automated bidding
  • About Maximize Clicks bidding
  • About “target search page location” bidding
  • About target CPA bidding
  • About “target outranking share” bidding
  • About “target return on ad spend (ROAS)” bidding
  • Set a budget for your campaign
  • Why costs might exceed your average daily budget
  • Avoid a depleted daily budget

Module 2.3: Manage your Search Network campaign

  • About custom ad scheduling
  • Use ad delivery to set the place of your ads
  • Using ad rotation and frequency capping
  • About the different types of URLs
  • About tracking in AdWords
  • About conversion tracking
  • About cross-account conversion tracking
  • About AdWords remarketing lists for search ads
  • Setting up automated rules
  • Bulk edits
  • Make changes with bulk uploads
  • Using script to make automated changes
  • Tools for advertisers with multiple or large accounts
  • About keyword planner
  • Estimate your results with bid simulators
  • Improve your account with opportunities
  • Create an AdWords manager account
  • About AdWords Editor
  • AdWords Application Programming Interface (API)

Module 3: Measure your Search Network campaign

  • Special Reports
  • Evaluating ad performance on the search network
  • Click: Definition
  • Impressions: Definition
  • Measuring sales and conversions
  • About “All conversions”
  • Conversion rate: Definition
  • Tracking impression share
  • About return on investment (ROI)

Module 3.1: Monitor your Search Network campaign

  • Use segments to view performance data
  • Understanding the Search terms report
  • Measuring paid & organic search results
  • Using auction insights to compare performance
  • About attribution reports

Module 3.2: Optimize your Search Network campaign

  • Create Effective Text Ads: Google Best practices
  • Choosing the Right Keywords: Google Best practices
  • A Guide to Bid Adjustments: Google Best Practices
  • Automating Your Bidding Strategy: Google Best practices
  • Adjusting Bids to Maximize Profits: Google Best Practices
  • Optimize for Cross-Device Conversions: Google Best Practices
  • About Campaign Experiments

You can learn these modules by visiting Google Partners Help page.

After learning search advertising exam modules read this pdf for quick revision before attempting the exam.

About AdWords Search Advertising exam:

  • Exam Duration: You will have 120 minutes to complete 100 multiple choice and true/false questions.
  • Exam Pass %: You need to get a score of 80% or higher to pass.

If you have got less the qualifying marks (less than 80%) you need to wait for one week to reattempt the test.

You can take the Search Advertising exam by visiting this link.


If you clear this exam and AdWords Fundamentals exam you will earn the certificate. The certificate will be valid for only 12 months from the date of examination.

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