Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook Page

By | December 19, 2015

Getting dofollow backlink from Facebook (Google Page Rank 9 website) increases your site reputation and shows your site pages in top position at search results.

By knowing this simple trick you can get backlink from Facebook. To get backlink you need to add Static HTML: iframe tab app by Thunderpenny to your Facebook page. If you don’t have Facebook page then create a facebook page.

Follow the below procedure step by step to get dofollow backlink from facebook:

Step 1: Add Static Html app by Thunderpenny to your Facebook page.

add static html iframe tab app to your Facebook page

Step 2: Select Facebook pages on which you want to add Static HTML: iframe tabs. Then click on ‘Add Page Tab‘.
Choose your desired Facebook pages on which you want to add iframe tab

Step 3: Now click on the welcome tab and add the below following

<h2><a title=”visit our site” href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Your Site Title</a> :</h2>

I have customized the above code and added it to my page tab. You can also customize it and to your page.

Add code to page tab to get do follow backlink from facebook

Step 4: Finally click on ‘Save & Publish

Now visit your Facebook page and click on welcome tab, You will able to find dofollow link that you have created.

You can repeat the above procedure to create any number of do-follow backlinks from any facebook page.

Have a look at this demo app which I have created in order to get dofollow backlink to my site.

4 thoughts on “Get Dofollow Backlink From Facebook Page

  1. Kawser Ahmed

    Check out the source code of the Welcome page of your Facebook page. The source code does not show anything that you have created in the Frame. So Google will never treat it as a back link (nofollow or dofollow).


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