How to Remove Password from PDF files using Browser?

By | January 7, 2017

Sometimes documents like PDF (Portable Document Format) files need to protect with a password so other cannot access our sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details, income tax details, postpaid bill details, etc.

Nowadays many browsers are built-in features like PDF reader and a PDF writer, and we can combine the two elements to remove the password from any PDF document that we know password earlier.

Let’s see how:
Drag any password protected PDF file into your Google Chrome browser (if you don’t have Chrome use any other browser).
The browser will now prompt a warning you to enter the password of the document. Enter the password and hit Enter button on your keyboard to open the PDF file.

remove password from pdf file

Now click on the print icon at the top of the menu of your Chrome browser, if you can’t find print icon go to the File menu in Google Chrome and choose ‘Print’ (or press Ctrl+P on Windows OS or Cmd+P on Mac OS). Select the destination printer as “Save as PDF”, rename the desired file name and click the ‘Save’ button.

Remove PDF password

Google Chrome browser will now save the PDF to your desired location but without the password protection. If you re-open this PDF in any browser or Adobe Acrobat Reade, it would no longer be asking you a password to open the PDF file.

In the below video tutorial also I have shown how to remove password protection from PDF file using Google Chrome browser.

Don’t have Google Chrome browser? Don’t worry this method works with other browsers too such as Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.

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