How to Remove Password from PDF files using Browser?

Sometimes documents like PDF (Portable Document Format) files need to protect with a password so other cannot access our sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details, income tax details, postpaid bill details, etc. Nowadays many browsers are built-in features like PDF reader and a PDF writer, and we can combine the two elements to remove the password… Read More »

Fix Apache Shutdown Unexpectedly Error in XAMPP application

When you are running XAMPP application on your Windows operating system, you might frequently be getting an error message as shown below “Error: Apache shutdown unexpectedly. This error may be due to a blocked port, missing dependencies, improper privileges, crash, or a shutdown by another method. Press the Logs button to view error logs and check the Windows… Read More »

How to identify Calculator is Programmable or Non-Programmable Calculator ?

Some competitive examinations allow the candidates for the use of a calculator but may permit to use the only calculator of non-programmable type. Calculators that are NOT programmable: This is what a non-programmable calculator looks like. List of non-programmable calculators of some famous brands like Casio, Sharp, Texas Instruments, Hewlett-Packard. Calculators that are programmable: Programmable calculators can automatically carry… Read More »

How to Become Google AdWords Display Certified Professional ?

To become Google AdWords Display Certified Professional you need pass exams conducted by Google on AdWords Fundamentals exam and Display Advertising exam. Below image is my certificate, certified by Google after passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam and AdWords display exam; I have been awarded this certficate in the June month of 2016. About Google AdWords Display Advertising Exam: Google AdWords… Read More »

How to Become Google AdWords Search Certified Professional ?

To become Google AdWords Display Certified Professional one need pass two exams conducted by Google on AdWords Fundamentals exam and Search Advertising exam. Below image is my certificate, certified by Google after passing the AdWords Fundamentals exam and AdWords search exam; I got this certificate in the June month of 2016. About Google AdWords Search Advertising Exam: AdWords search advertising… Read More »

How to Hide or Display Blogger Widgets in Specific Pages

  We can notice on default blogger templates, all the widgets you add to your blogger blog will be displayed on all posts pages, static pages, homepage and archive pages by default.To hide or display of blogger widgets/gadgets in specific posts pages, static pages, homepage or archive pages of blogger blog, you can need to use the below mentioned conditional tags.… Read More »

How to Download Google Books in PDF for free ?

Google launched Google Books (previously known as Google Book Search and Google Print) service in October 2004. As of April 2013, Google has scanned over 30 million book titles. By 2020 Google would scan over 130 million book titles.Google Books offers four access levels to readers, they are: Full view books: These books are available in the public… Read More »

About Google AdWords Fundamentals Test

Google AdWords fundamental examination tests the exam takers about The basic and intermediate aspects of online advertising and AdWords, Benefits of online advertising, How to set up and manage an AdWords campaign and How to measure and optimize campaign’s performance. AdWords Fundamental Study Guide: Google AdWords fundamental study guide covers three modules and they are listed below. Module… Read More »

How to Remove Powered by Blogger – Attribution Widget?

In this article, I will be demonstrating how to remove or hide attribution widget ‘Powered by Blogger’ in footer of blogger blogspot blogs. Before going to the process, backup your blogger template, while editing html code if anything goes wrong or template modified design doesn’t work or looks good you can restore from backed up template. Here I have… Read More »

How to setup Custom Email Address for Domain using Mailgun for Free ?

Custom email address for domains are being offered by many mail services like Gmail, Outlook, etc. but they will charge amount for using their service. By using Mailgun there is a free way to create custom email address for your domain. Setup First, Sign Up with Mailgun using your email address. Once you have clicked the confirm link, log… Read More »